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By the time I decided to move back to Excel, I had already created an Access form that worked quite nicely. I wasn’t really in the mood to recreate the form in Excel, but I knew I had these as bookends:

Input – physical scorecards inputed via a userform.
Output – HTML pages showing results

I had thought through much of the UI and data validation of the userform when I made it in Access. With that justification in hand, I moved on to sketching out the output. It looked like this:

Team[1] Player[4]/Player[4] WeeklyScore[2] YTDScore[3]

That would be the main results page showing the Teams and how they scored for the week and where they were in the standings. Each of the bracketed numbers is a hyperlink.

[1]Originally, this would link to the team’s score by week. Later I abandoned that and now I don’t know what to link to, if anything.


HomeTeam HomeScore AwayTeam AwayScore

This just shows how they did against their particular opponent that week. It’s kind of redundant with [3] so I may just abandon this too.


Week Score Opponent OppScore

Clicking on YTDScore would show all the weeks for that team which would add up to the total and for no particular reason, how their opponent did each week.


Player Handicap

The main page, I like. The handicap page, I like. The other pages, not so much. Basically, I want to go from summary to detail in a drill down fashion, but I seem to be repeating myself. I think I just need to do it as sketched and it will be better than it looks on paper.

After all this, I decided I need to also add a scorecard page which would just be a representation of their hole-by-hole score. This would be accompanied by an image of the actual scorecard. This is an attempt to give the user as much information as they need to recompute their score.

Now that I somewhat have a plan, I’m ready to do some coding. I have a summary page I like and a detail page I like. Always start with the detail page and by the time you get to the summary page, you’ll find all the work is done. I’ll start with a handicap function, which I’ll describe next time. I was quite surprised how easy it was to convert from Access to Excel.

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  1. Dick: There actually are some of us who think golf is the most boring game imaginable (a few levels below Solitaire, possibly!).

    I hope I don’t have to tell you that I mean no offense ;-).

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