Encryption Grid

Here’s my solution for the encryption grid problem.

excel range

A8 has the formula: =IF(AND(ISNA(MATCH(CHAR(ROW()+57),$A$1:$E$1,FALSE)), ISNA(MATCH(CHAR(ROW()+57),$A$2:$E$2,FALSE)), ISNA(MATCH(CHAR(ROW()+57),$A$3:$E$3,FALSE)), ISNA(MATCH(CHAR(ROW()+57),$A$4:$E$4,FALSE)), ISNA(MATCH(CHAR(ROW()+57),$A$5:$E$5,FALSE))),ROW()+57,1000)

You have to adjust the number to “+58? when you get to J in order to skip it. The G8 helper range is just numbers typed in 25 to 1. The named range ‘abc’ starts in A8 and ‘fillrng’ starts in A1.

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