Connecting to MySQL

Connecting to “non-standard” databases can become quite an interesting task. A while ago I wanted to run some queries on MrExcel’s Message Board, which runs on a PHP / MySQL environment.

Getting the ODBC driver wasn’t a problem, just go here (There used to be a MyOLE driver, but I guess it’s not supported anymore). It was filling the values that was a challenging task.

Here’s a screenshot of what the ODBC config page looks like:

MySQL ODBC Config dialog

The server name was kind of easy. It turned out to be the same URL as the ftp address. Then, there was the chase for the username and password. I have to admit that I finally restored to cheating, modifying some of the php pages so they would print them to the page, to see what the database was *really* using, because for some strange reason, the ones that we had were not working.

After that you should be able to get a list of the available databases in that server.

When you have that working you can use it just as you would any other ODBC connection. Here, for example, I got a list of the last 10 posts and who wrote them.

Querying MySQL

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