Spooky Coincidence

I just post about Shell32 and then head over to see what’s new at j-walkblog.com. It appears J-Walk has updated the Spreadsheet Page and the file on his new page uses Shell32, albeit in a different way. Check out the new Create a List of Mp3 Files. That’s quite a coincidence, I think. Particularly because I thought we’d lost John to PHP and MySQL.

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3 thoughts on “Spooky Coincidence

  1. Looks like it create a nice list that can be imported to MySQL and with PHP in a smooth way ;-)

    Except for that I think we all, sooner or later, need to find new areas to dig into.

    Kind regards,

  2. Nice tool. I recommended it to a friend looking to catalog the 5,000 mp3 files on his PC. The only tiny complaint I have is that apparently it does not trap the error when (accidently) selecting a directory with no mp3 files.

    Jason Morin

  3. No sh~t, I spent most of Monday (a bank holiday here in the UK), messing about try to get a decent way of getting documnet comments for an addin I’m working on. The only way i could see was to use a .dll from MS, not a great soultion, or possibly some ADO, agian prone to lib ref errors. J-walks API mehtod was just what i needed, talk about sweet timing! cheers pal!!!

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