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Here’s a nice article Comments are More Important than Code by Jef Raskin on documenting your code.

The thorough use of internal documentation is one of the most-overlooked ways of improving software quality and speeding implementation.

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  1. “Many become so laconic that you have to understand the code to be able to interpret the comment. “

    A great many manuals are this way: understood if known.

    I have a brother who during the Y2K thingy was a maintenace programmer for an international pharmecutical company. He would have entire programs printed out and I would help him track down various aspects of code for his attention. I remember going through reems of printed code that was written in HP Basic for which the only line of code in the entire printout was “whatever will fit in a womans purse” – the only line of comment and it made absolutely no sense. :eek:

Posting code? Use <pre> tags for VBA and <code> tags for inline.

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