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David Hagar, former Excel MVP, used to distribute an electronic letter called the Excel Experts E-Letter or EEE. Until recently, the last EEE was published in 2001. David recently wrote EEE#21 and it sparked a conversation between JWalk and me.

JWalk currently stores the archives of the EEEs at the Spreadsheet Page. I was trying convince him to give me all the Spreadsheet Page content and used the EEE as an example. It’s great content that isn’t getting much exposure and could be repackaged and republished to a whole new audience. So JWalk sent an email to David on my behalf and I got permission to republish them.

I’ll be starting with #21 later today. Look for more in the coming weeks. And thanks to David and JWalk for making this material available.

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2 thoughts on “Excel Experts E-Letter

  1. Great initiative!
    I’ve read some of it. And I agree. There are some excellent good stuff there.
    What I really like was that it was a combination of topics, picked up from various places, discussion groups, homepages etc.

    Ola Sandström

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