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I read Joel on Software and via links from that blog I’ve been enjoying a series of articles about FogBugz. I found them interesting and well written. You may too. After reading Part V, I was searching around for a link to Part I for this post and came upon the archives page.

On that page, I saw a few other articles I might like to read, including User Interface Design for Programmers, Painless Functional Specifications, and others.

And here’s a couple of other links I got from Joel’s site that I want to read: Coder to Developer and Larkware. Once again, DDoE becomes my personal link storage facility.

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3 thoughts on “Fog Creek Software

  1. One of the first decipherable Google hits on DDoE is “Delaware Department of Education”. Then I realized you meant “Daily Dose”.

    As for as link storage and management – any good ideas for that function? As I accumulate interesting links, I’m getting REALLY tired of Explorer’s limited capabilities.

  2. “Delaware Department of Education”

    Ha! I guess that acronym isn’t commonplace yet.

    For links, I use bookmarks in Firefox with a somewhat detailed folder structure. But I have a couple of throw away folders where I put stuff I may read later. I don’t much like my system either, so I hope someone else has some good suggestions.

  3. Dick –

    I read Joel’s blog too, which is insightful and well-written. The articles you mention on UI Design and Specs are very well written, though I haven’t undertaken his FogBugz series yet.

    – Jon

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