A Rose by Any Other

Tuesday will be the one year anniversary of Daily Dose of Excel. Thanks to everyone for reading. It’s been a lot of fun, and educational, writing these posts. Thanks also to the other contributors for the excellent work they’ve done over the last several months. Finally, special thanks to JWalk for encouraging me to do this and helping me out in the early days.

I came up with the name “Daily Dose of Excel” in about 90 seconds, and I’ve hated it ever since. Well, ‘hated’ might be too strong. I’ve always wished I would have spent more time and had a cooler name. I’m considering changing the name and thought you might have a few ideas for me.

Since it’s been a year, it might be fun to have a contest. That will give me a chance to spend some of my hard earned Google revenue. The worst thing about a contest is writing the rules such that I don’t have to declare bankruptcy, so be sure to read the last one carefully.

  • Send me an email with your suggestion for a new name for this site. The current name will be considered in the voting, so don’t bother telling me you like the current name – it’s already in the running.
  • You must send the name via the link above or in such a way that I can’t tell that you didn’t.
  • You must send the email from the same email account with which you registered on this site. If you’re not registered, you can’t win. If you used a fake email to register, just include that fake email address in your message so I can confirm you’re registered.
  • The best three or four names will be listed with the current name and a vote will be taken. The name that gets the most votes wins.
  • I may not change the name, even if a different name wins. In other words, it’s totally up to me what I’m going to do. But there will still be a winner even if the name stays the same.
  • One submission per registered reader.
  • If two people send the same name, the first one received will get that name. If two names are similar, the one I use, if any, will be the one to get that name.
  • The winner will get to choose between a copy of Professional Excel Development or Excel VBA Programming for Dummies.
  • To be eligible, the entrant must live in a place that Amazon.com will ship to and where the shipping will be less than the cost of the book.
  • Any other rules that make this contest less of a burden on me or that I may choose to enact retroactively or otherwise

Okay, if I missed any rules or you need clarification, post a comment. Otherwise, start the hamsters and send an email. If I don’t get three suggestions, I’ll probably just buy myself a present. If I do get three, expect a poll early next week. I suppose I’ll need to find a way to vote that’s more secure than the polls I have been using.

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16 thoughts on “A Rose by Any Other

  1. Daily Dose of Excel?
    “It does what it says on the tin”

    There was something catchy about the existing name that drew me to visit the site and another that gets me to visit almost every working day.

    Oh well, how about
    “New Improved Daily Dose of Excel”

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary Dick and thanks to everyone else has written such fine posts.

    Hmm, Super Happy Excel Blog sounds catchy ;-)

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    You may not care for the current name, but it’s become something of a trademark. Of course, “Daily” Dose means you have to come up with something every day, and the rigors of this schedule might sometimes become oppressive.

    Your loyal readers will follow where you lead anyway. Don’t admit you’re just stumbling along.

  4. Yes I like the name Daily Dose of Excel except for the fact that there isn’t a consistent dose daily.

    I’ll be honest the reason I bookmarked this blog was because I loved the title.

  5. Heck
    If you change the name then I will have to change my bookmark and I just hate changing my book mark
    So maybe you would consider not changing the name?

    Rember It’s not the name that keeps people coming back to your blog!

  6. If you change the name, you’ll need to change that favicon too. I never even noticed what it was until today — a little pill with X and L on it. Clever.

    There’s no way you can come up with such a clever favicon if you change the name. Therefore, the name must remain Daily Dose of Excel.

  7. OK, I’ll bite. Going with the prevailing sentiment (with which I concur), how about you go for the “new and improved” approach?
    “Dr. Dick’s Daily Dose of Excel”
    At least this way you would get to keep the flavicon.

    BTW, I got the capsule (or pill) part, but didn’t notice the yellow “L”. Maybe you should invest the prize money on enhancing the logo (always an option to the marketing guys!)

  8. If You want to change it then just abbreviate it to:


    But after a year I believe it will be very hard to replace the name.

    And please don’t consider the above as a contribution to Your contest as my bookshelf is already fully packed!

    Kind regards,

  9. JWalk is a wise man. We all know that.

    Still, I think his “Dr. Dick’s Daily Dose” suggestion is verging on associations you’d just as soon avoid.

    The American mind being what it is and all.

  10. Yeah, it’s more akin to comment #5 :eek:

    DDE: Isn’t that Dynamic Data Exchange? Kinda fits though.

    Dick: I’m afraid your’re stuck man. Daily Dose is cool and an icon :-)

  11. Poor Richard’s Excelmanac? Nope, I guess I still don’t have a good enough reason to register.
    For a more homey sound you could change “Dose” to “Dollop” but I don’t recommend it.
    This did inspire me to look up “excelsior” – it means “slender, curved wood shavings used especially for packing.” I always thought it was something kind of exotic, like a city of gold. Oh well.

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