JMT QA Board Syndicated

The folks at JMT put an RSS feed on their web forum. Point your RSS reader to:

This should be interesting to see how well RSS works on this type of site. It will either be as convenient as nntp and I will start expecting it from other forums or it will be an ungodly mess. But I’m glad that Colo, et. al. are trying it out.

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3 thoughts on “JMT QA Board Syndicated

  1. OK, now I get the chance to really show my ignorance: just what is ‘rss’; ‘nntp’? =|

  2. rss is “really simple syndication” and it’s what you read when you read stuff in Bloglines. When you see the little orange xml button on a site, that’s rss.

    nntp is otherwise known as newsgroups. Just like http is the protocol for web pages, nntp is the protocol for news. You access nntp through a newsreader, like Outlook Express. You connect to a news server, like

  3. dick, about generating an RSS feed, it is in fact a new area for me. Hope it works. Thanks for opening your eyes open.

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