From Jim Jazwiecki:

An Excel quiz. Look at ten words and decide if the word is an Excel function or the name of a foreign currency. I didn’t do so well. I could identify three Excel functions. One of the function was WEIBULL. I was a little skeptical, so I had to look it up in help.

Returns the Weibull distribution. Use this distribution in reliability analysis, such as calculating a device’s mean time to failure.

No, YOU use it in reliability analysis. I’m perfectly happy just fixing the device when it breaks.

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6 thoughts on “WEIBULL

  1. Good quiz. I scored 7/9, as the WEIBULL discussion removed me from honest contention on that item. In the future, in the interest of my ego, can we quiz on whether an item is an Excel term or a United States coin? (“Is ‘nickel’ an Excel term or a US coin?”.)

  2. DK:

    But I thought haypenny helped me calculate graduated tax rates for an Ohio corporate income tax return! Rats.

  3. Well, with a math/stats degree, I actually knew what Weibull was. :)

    I scored 9/10 (missed the fact that RAND was both a currency and a function.

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