Most Honorable Excel Guy

I’ve had the honor of being named a Cell Master by Colo. Actually, I was nominated by Rob Bovey, so thanks Rob. You can read my Cell Master answers on Colo’s page. If you haven’t been there before, read some of the past Cell Masters’ answers. They’re pretty entertaining. Cell Master Belt
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8 thoughts on “Most Honorable Excel Guy

  1. You got my vote – course, it probably doesn’t count. This is a cool site and obviously takes a lot of effort and dedication. I don’t know how one lives in the modern world and finds the time to do these things. Good job…

  2. OT: Just popped in to say hello. You have done a very nice implemention of my Gemini / Maximus template for WordPress. I just wish IE supported max-width :). Good luck and welcome aboard.

  3. Congratulations, Dick. It’s a well deserved honor.

    Have you taken to wearing the belt? I’m guessing it’s a chick magnet.

  4. Kudos, Dick. And nice site incidentally.

    “Have you taken to wearing the belt? Iím guessing itís a chick magnet.”

    Heh, you know it, Toad. ;)

    Cheers, Nate

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