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I think the time has come for me to go down the same route as Jwalk and Andrew and start writing my own set of utilities. … if you have any ideas for utilities that you would like to have but donít, send me a comment.

Rob comments:

VB | Tools | References editor. One with favourites ability – Iím forever adding the same reference into new workbooks.

I couldn’t agree more. I started one of these a few months ago but got bored with it. Every time I set a reference I think how I should just finish the darn thing. I think I’ll post it Monday and get some comments on it so I can finish it in a way that people will want to use it.

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12 thoughts on “Pragma Utilities

  1. Of course you *could* set up an empty workbook with all your favourites checked. Then you can load the template and uncheck the ones you don’t need and start from there.

    But that wouldn’t be as much fun as creating this utility [smile].

  2. Jan Karel: Not a bad idea. I wouldn’t want to have to uncheck them all the time. What if I just left them checked? Would that hurt anything?

  3. FWIW, I think the Tools > References dialog shows all ‘live’ references at the top of the list, then the rest in alphabetical order. So if you add your favourites to your Normal.xls, they’ll be at the top of the list for all your workbooks.


    Stephen Bullen

  4. Off the top of my head:
    – A good data-list Join utility function for excel
    – A user-friendly pivot table format utility
    – Some stand-alone error handler functions which can be invoked by error conditions

    – Make each utility userform accessible for manual use AND programatically accessible

  5. One thing I’d like to see in Excel is the ability to insert a Postnet Barcode in a document. I don’t know if any utility can do the trick!

  6. How about a utility that would inject additional functionality into pivot tables; subtotals and the like allowing more functions? IE Median, AveDev, GeoMean, HarMean and various others…

  7. I’ve been building an add-in for my personal VBA development.
    Mainly to get some of the things I do often organised into a single add-in. The VBA items I mentioned on Excel Pragma I’ve built in.

    I call it SwiftVBA, but you can rip the code and call it anything you want.
    I’ve password protected it with the letter h
    It installs a menu in the VBE.
    Its like an ongoing project… If I find something I do lots then I’ll likely incorporate it.

    Download it here: (29kb)


  8. Sorry: this is OT.

    I cannot post a comment on Excel Pragma and I find no way to contact the author. Tried many times today. Does anyone know if there is a problem there?

    I’d like to post on the Digital Certificate topic.


  9. Or how about a utility that will convert hard won and built VB6 forms into Excel UserForms… If even that is possible…

  10. Doco –

    The chapter of Professional Excel Development, the new Bullen-Bovey-Green book, that deals with using VB6 with Excel shows how to use a VB6 form from Excel.

    Gerrit –

    Excel Pragma is accepting comments again. He’d stopped due to excessive comment spam.

    – Jon

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