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Hi all!

Being fed up with having to click and scroll up and down all the time when editing a large workbook I thought a little utility that enables you to jump back to where you where before would be nice.

Have a look at this little file:

Go Back

It has a toolbar that you can use to go to selections you used before and you can use control-alt-p to go back and control-alt-n to go “forward” (next).

It is still in “alpha” state, so no guarantees :-)

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2 thoughts on “Go Back!

  1. Hi,

    The add-in looks promising and may be useful for the developing-process.

    If You add the ability to handle range-names as well then I believe the F5-button can be aband 4ever.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi all,

    I have made some improvements:

    – when workbook is closed, all it’s references are removed from the selection
    – When a range matches a defined name, the name is shown
    – When a cell is edited, no duplicate entry
    – when a range is deleted, references to that range are removed
    – and maybe some more .

    I now officially promote the thing to Beta state

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