Data Validation and Hyperlinks

I hate putting posts in the Bugs category. I don’t know why I even made this category. Well, here it goes anyway – let me know if you’ve seen this before.

I had some data validation set up in a cell. The cell is supposed to end up being a web address and, of course, excel automatically converts it to a hyperlink. That seems to circumvent the data validation. Here’s the steps:

Set up Data Validation in a cell


Now enter some text in that cell that will be sure to be converted to a hyperlink and also that will fail the validation


Hit enter and you should get this message


Now click Retry, then press Esc and you’ll get invalid text in the cell


Seems like a bug to me. Another way to beat Data Validation, what a surprise.

BTW: Excel 2000, WinXP Pro

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3 thoughts on “Data Validation and Hyperlinks

  1. Data Validation is just not robust enough (in my opinion). I hadn’t seen this, but am not surprised either. The simple fact that you can paste over DV is enough for me to rarely (if ever) use it.

  2. I have it on good authority that Excel is programmed to recognize “” entered into a cell. It then goes into random error mode.

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