Corners of a Large Selection

You all probably recognise this problem:

You have selected a large area of cells and want to make sure you have included everything you wanted to select. Of course you can do the tedious chore of pulling the scrollbar with your mouse to find the other corners of your selection. Or you might hit the tab key to move through the selected cells.

But there is a much simpler way which enables you to quickly step through the corners of the selection. Just hit control+. (control+period) repeatedly.

Jan Karel Pieterse
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7 thoughts on “Corners of a Large Selection

  1. Cool! Did you know Ctrl; and Ctrl: ?

    Ctrl; enters today’s date in a selected cell

    Ctrl: enters the time in a selected cell

    (both give just the value; no formulas)

  2. Works for me, in every version (incl. 2000 Premium):

    Ctrl+Period cycles active cell among the corners of the highlighted range.

    Works for the period on the main keyboard and for the dot on the numeric keypad.

    – Jon

  3. Aha! Amazing reappearing secret words! “you have selected”; “your selection”; “selected cells”. Thanks Jon for giving me the key that eventually broke the ‘code’: “Highlighted Range” – it’s all very clear to me know. :rolleyes: :embarassed:

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