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Recently, I’ve invited some fellow MVPs to author posts on this blog. Lo and behold, some of them took me up on it. I don’t know how many of the invitees will sign up or how frequently they will post, but you can expect to see some new faces soon. There will be an authors link on the menu to tell you who they are.

I have a simple goal for this site: To be the greatest Excel web site in the history of the universe. I think the addition of these new authors gets me almost there. Hyperbole aside, I expect the quality and quantity of content on this site to improve tremendously.

I’ve gone from the smartest (read: only) author of this site to the dumbest, but you can still expect to see posts from me every day.

We may have some technical difficulties as we try to figure out how this multiple authors thing works, but I’ll try to get any problems fixed promptly. As always, send me your post suggestions and thanks for reading Daily Dose of Excel.

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5 thoughts on “New Authors

  1. Sounds great, looking forward to being made to feel I have even more to learn about Excel than I thought I had!

  2. good work Dick. Hope you achive your goal. But some of the excel site in PX42-delta are really top draw, you’ll have your work cut out!

  3. What a great idea, now I can see some other MVP’s post in the same place! You already have Steven Bullen, wow what a great 1st up, and now Frank.
    I’ll definitely be visiting more often.

    Keep up the good work Dick.


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