FaceId Viewer AddIn


This is a really nice add-in written by Doug Glancy. It makes browsing through toolbar faces fast and easy.

Download FaceIdViewer.zip

Feature List:

  • Resizable face pallette
  • Forward and Back buttons to scroll through faces
  • Timed scanner with adjustable time
  • Favorites button
  • Easy copy and paste of images
  • View by toolbar instead of pallette

There’s more than just that, those are just my favorites. It’s a very well done add-in, in my opinion. Download it and give it a try. You can email your comments to Doug or leave them here.

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5 thoughts on “FaceId Viewer AddIn

  1. Dick,

    Thanks for posting this. It means a lot to me.

    I hope folks find it helpful. My email is at the bottom of the Help file, if anybody wants to send any comments that way.

  2. Lots of people have an icon viewer. John Wlakenbach’s is the first I remember, I have one that I use frequently, and I recall seeing one for Excel, Word, and Ppt that someone did to learn about com addins.

    This one sounds neat, though, with a favorites collection. I’d probably use that, becuase I keep going back for the same button faces time and again. My little app puts selected ones in a worksheet with their numbers, but it seems a waste to print out only three or four, and whenver I’ve printed out a larger selection, I’ve lost the printout. That’s the feature, anyway, that caught my eye.

  3. […] Beim Schreiben von Makros unter VBA ist es des öfteren nötig, die Leiste mit Icons zu bestücken. In einfachsten Fall macht man das mit den Zeichen, die der VBA-Editor so mitbringt. Diese so genannten FaceIDs gibt es in diversen Listen im Netz oder ab jetzt in einem kleinen xla zusammengefasst von Doug Glancy. Dies ermöglicht die schnelle Suche nach dem entsprechenden Icon in einem tollen kleinen Viewer. Der Viewer speichert die letzten IDs ab, wo man sie schnell wiederfindet. Das Auflisten der IDs kann verschieden geschehen. Mehr Features un die nötigen Infos gibt es auf der Seite von Doug Glancy […]

  4. Doug,

    That’s a snazzy little utility. I really appreciate having the ability to copy the button face.

    Thanks to you for developing it, and to Dick for his Post!

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