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TechWeb has announced their First Annual TechWeb Network Best Independent Tech Blog Readers Choice Awards. If you enjoy reading this blog, please consider nominating it for inclusion in the contest. The 10 finalists win 6 months of promotion across the TechWeb network and the winner gets a $500 Starbucks Coffee Card. Imagine how many posts IĆ­ll be able to make with that much caffiene at my disposal!

Nominations can be made here.

I’ve nominated my favorite Excel-related blogs, namely
The Office Weblog
Unofficial Microsoft Office Stuff
The Planning Deskbook
Andrew’s Excel Tips

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6 thoughts on “Blog Readers Choice Awards

  1. I’ve nominated this site, but it appears that others should do so as well, since, as I understand it, you won’t be contacted to vote unless you’ve earlier nominated a site.

  2. I nominated the Dose, AutomateExcel, the Planning Deskbook, and Klippert’s Unofficial Office Stuff. I read more, but these four I like best. Of the four, Daily Dose is my favorite, because there’s a lot of interaction with all the other readers. That’s what makes it interesting.

    – Jon

  3. I’ve nominated Dose, Andrew’s page, and, even though the blog isn’t necessarily techy,, cause Walkenbach is synonymous with techy.

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