Creating Folders

The MkDir function is used to create Windows folders from VBA. Some examples of MkDir are:

Create a folder called DicksStuff under the current directory
MkDir “DicksStuff”
MkDir “DicksStuff”
MkDir “DicksStuff”

Create a folder on the C drive regardless of the current drive or directory
MkDir “C:DicksStuff”
MkDir “C:DicksStuff”

Create a folder one directory back from the current directory
MkDir “..DicksStuff”

Create a folder at the root directory of the current drive
MkDir “.DicksStuff”

You can’t create more than one level at a time. If you want to create C:DicksStuffPrivate, you have to issue two MkDir functions

MkDir “C:DicksStuff”
MkDir “C:DicksStuffPrivate”

If you try to MkDir a directory that already exists, you get an error (which is just silly). Use an On Error statement to avoid an error if the directory may exist.

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