Weekend Picks

I love college football season. When you live in Nebraska, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers (aka The Corn) dominates the media. If you don’t like college football and you live in Nebraska, don’t bother reading the newspaper during the season. Here’s what I like this weekend

Texas A&M +9 1/2 Utah
Rutgers +6 1/2 Mich. State
Cincinnati +15 1/2 Ohio State
Iowa -29 1/2 Kent
Oklahoma -32 1/2 Bowling Green

Texas A&M already played – and lost – but I picked up them so in the interest of full disclosure, they’re listed. I would have picked the Corn put the scheduling geniuses have us against a 1AA team, so there is no line on the game.

Disclaimer: Gambling is a sin, so don’t do it. These picks are for entertainment purposes only. If you gamble based on these picks, you are not only a sinner, but not very smart to boot. If you had picked the opposite of everything I picked last season, you would have been right 65% of the time. Consider yourself warned. Having said that, this is going to be my year.

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  1. Gambling is not only a sin, it is, as J-Walk told me before before my last trip to Las Vegas, “extra tax because you don’t know math”.

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