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In Excel, you can hold down the shift key while you click a toolbar button to get different functionality. The one I use most often is the Increase Decimal button. Shift-click that button to decrease the number of decimal places.

One that I didn’t know, until I read a post by Beth Melton, Office MVP, is that shift-clicking the underline button creates a double underline (font underline, not cell border). I probably haven’t used a double underline ten times in my life, but next time I need it, I will complete that operation faster than I ever have.


Which shift-click buttons do you use? Maybe there’s some more I haven’t discovered.

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8 thoughts on “Double Underline

  1. I highlight a graph or a region then hit Shift-Edit and then Copy Picture emerges as an option. I’m not sure if that’s any different than Alt-PrintScreen, but for some reason I prefer Shift-Edit.

  2. Bruce –

    It’s way better than Alt-PrintScreen. It copies whatever you’ve selected, not just the entire active window, and you have a choice to copy as a bitmap or a picture (metafile). If you copy a chart as a metafile and paste it into PowerPoint, you can scale it continuously without distortion.

    – Jon

  3. This is a great technique, which allows you to free up expensive toolbar real estate by only keeping half of a related pair of buttons.

    Here are some pairs I know of (I’d like to say I remember to use them all the time!):

    Increase Decimal – Shift Decrease Decimal
    Sort Ascending – Shift Sort Descending
    Rotate Text Up – Shift Rotate Text Down
    Angle Counterclockwise – Shift Angle Clockwise
    Paste Formatting – Shift Paste Values
    Open – Shift Save
    Page Preview – Shift Print (Print Out Now)
    Align Left – Shift Align Right
    Increase Indent – Shift Decrease Indent

    – Jon

  4. I’m days late here, but I just read this and discoverd that it works for the Delete/Insert Columns/Rows and Shift Cells Up/Down icons.

    Yikes, more ways to do things! Not necessarily a good thing, if, like me your easily distracted from the serious work at hand.

  5. Why won’t my double underlines print out in Excel 2007. In print preview they are there. Sometimes when they print out it is a bold single line?

  6. I am having the same problem as marie. I have looked everywhere to find the solution to this problem and have not found an answer. Can anyone help us?

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