Server Troubles

I finally was able to log on today. There must be some server trouble, because it took me all morning. Unless something changes, this will be the only post today.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about resumes because I was in the middle of hiring accounting staff. I’m happy to report that I hired someone, and she’s working out wonderfully. Two weeks ago, an admin person quit. Now I’m back in the conference room conducting more interviews. I’m not sure why there’s a mass exodus, but I’m changing deodorant brand just to be safe.

The resumes I received for this clerical position are an order of magnitude worse than the previous batch. The misspellings are horrendous. I broke one of my own rules and interviewed someone with no dates on her resume. It’s good to break your own rules once in a while. Sometimes you learn that rules were stupid and you should never have followed them. Other times you learn why you made that rule in the first place. This time, my lesson was the latter.

The silver lining is that there’s virtually no one left to quit, except me. And, as soon as the professional foosball league calls, I’m out of here.

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