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Fellow Excel MVP, Orlando, has a new utility called PrintThru Email. It sends, via email, a workbook that only includes what would have been printed from your workbook. Things like filtered data and hidden rows and columns are removed.

I’ve messed around with it a little and it seems to work pretty well. I did encounter a couple of minor problems, and Orlando is fixing (or has fixed) them. Check it out.

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2 thoughts on “PrintThru Email

  1. I’ll check that out.
    I’m writing a Addin to email stuff too, it’s nearly done, but i just need a few free days to finish it! it may be some time coming!

  2. Nice, nice, one thing: I reckon that most folks would like to access this through a menu option, i could only get the forms up by clicking the .xla short cut?

    Like the install/uninstall sheet – how do you do this? Anyone got any links?
    on this topic – in the zip file there is one .xls file, when it’s installed there is a xls file and an .icn (icon) file. Are these file downlaod form the net at install? if the xls svaed as a .xla? where does the icon file come from?

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