Finding the Root

The SQRT() function can be used to return the square root of a number. To find a different root, use the exponentiation operator (^ – the caret above the 6) and the inverse of the root. For instance:

=27^(1/3) returns the cube root of 27, or 3.

=16^(1/4) returns the 4th root of 16, or 2.

Put the “inverse” calculation in parentheses because exponentiation takes precedent over division, and you want the division to happen first.

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  1. I have a column of numbers (16520, 16345, 19456, 16123, 16201, 19325, 19113, 16350, 16787, 16675) and want to use a function to find the highest number in the 16000 group. I think I need to use the MAX and IF Worksheet Functions, but I can’t get it. Any help?

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