Closer to Death

Saturday was my birthday. I’m this many years old:

=FACT(4)+PV(1,30,28)+MONTH(38166)+SIN(RADIANS(90))+ LEN(“dicksblog”)+CHOOSE(3,10,14,22,36,88)+TRUE

It was a lovely birthday. I played golf, ate some barbequed ribs, drank some beer at the College World Series and capped of the day with a little table tennis. I dominated the table until we started playing for money, then I choked.

My wife bought me a Hohner Special 20 Marine Band harmonica and a book for which I cannot find a link. The guys at Millard Music House sold her a harmonica in the key of G and instruction book in the key of C. Nice going.

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8 thoughts on “Closer to Death

  1. Happy Birthday! You are 9 months older than my older son!!

    Harmonica in G with instructions in C? That’s how I feel sometimes trying to learn VBA! LOL

    Glad your day was enjoyable.

  2. Just a tiny observation.

    Looking at the formula for your age, I noticed that in one year you have gone from FALSE or nothing to TRUE.

    I will connect in a year’s time to see if you managed to top it.

  3. Happy $35.00, Dick. (My formatting may be off too). Practice the blues in G and let’s jam the next time we meet.

  4. I am a loan officer at a non profit and have one loan that isn’t going well. Since the client didn’t pay for a few months this changes the amortization schedule. The amort template that I am using doesn’t allow for payment changes–what I need is a dynamic amortization template that will compound the interest when there is non-payment, but also pay down priciple if client prepays. I know I could prob build one, but I would need to do it for 12,24,36,48,60, and 72 mos and just do’t have the time. Does anyone know where I can get a template like this???


  5. This is totally off-topic and really late, but I’m from Omaha too. It’s always fun visiting a website to find that they live near you.

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