Finding Character 10

You can create a line break within a cell using Alt+Enter. The character that breaks the line is ascii character 10. To find cells with a line break, you can use Edit>Find. To get the line break character in the “Find What” box, type Alt+0010 (that is, hold down the Alt key and type 0010 from the numeric keypad) with your cursor in that box.

You won’t see anything in the Find What box when you do this, however, so if it doesn’t find anything it’s likely that you typed in the wrong number.

Don’t foget to use the numeric keypad, it won’t work with the numbers at the top of the keyboard.

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5 thoughts on “Finding Character 10

  1. Hello I have a question…
    (I’m Just a noobie) I have a combobox with a list that lives in colum
    n A and for each entry I have a corrosponding number in column B i.e.

    Column “A” Col “B”
    John…….. 3.75%
    Peter……. 3.94%
    Dick…….. 5.36%
    etc. etc, approximately 80 Names with corosponding percentile values, when I
    select Peter from my combobox how do I get 3.94% to populate cell C16

    I’m Running Office ’97


  2. I used your tip to find my line breaks (hurrah!), but now I don’t know how to reset my find what box to find anything else. Even though the box is empty (of course) it is still set to find the ALT+0010. I’ve tried a whole bunch of backspaces, placing new text in the field, and closing and reopening my excel document. I had to close Excel and restart it. Is there a more elegant (and less annoying) way to do this?
    Thanks in advance

  3. I was helping someone with the same question:How to find linebreaks caused from the alt+enter function with nothing, this was helpful… I had alot of probvlems with the search function just not working after I attempted to do this. I ended up closing and restarting excel and putting the alt+0010 into the find field and then nothing into the replace field and it wroked great.

  4. Lisa dLH,

    There appears that Alt+0010 can be reset readily ( Excel-200 ; by closing the Find dialog box and re-open thereof).

    The dreg of Alt+0010, if any, can be removed by pressing Shift+End > Delete in the Find What box, if so required.


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