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Andrew’s Excel Tips is a new Excel blog. Andrew is a self-proclaimed intermediate user, but will soon be an expert. You can’t write a post a day about Excel and not learn something. Keep it up, Andrew.

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4 thoughts on “New Excel Blog

  1. Dick, Thanks for the nice post. It’s an honor and I truly appreciate it.

    I’ll have to do my best to become a real expert now. Lots and lots of study ahead.


  2. Hi Andrew

    I have a question I have a data for about a year where in I have entry of customers who come in at different time of a day,I have it sorted for the entire month and I am trying to calculate the total number of arrivals that occur in a particular hour through out the month so I can come up with an arrival rate for a day based all the data I have.

    For ex:

    G.W.Bush 1/12/05 10:27 (in)
    Clinton 1/12/05 10:30 (in)
    John Kerry 1/12/05 10:35 (in)

    Rice 1/12/05 11:00 (in)
    Agassi 1/12/05 11:15 (in)
    Sampras 1/12/05 11:35 (in)

    from the data you can see there were 3 people who arrived b/w 10-11 and 3 b/w 11-12 like that I have data for the whole day and whole month sorted by day and time. so I just want tocalculate the total number of arrival in 24 hour period for the entire month.

    Hope you could be of help to my question.


  3. I’m trying to use the ‘lookup’ function to return the required value or the next LARGEST value. From what I’ve read, it’ll only return the required value or the next smaller value.


    I want it to find the value at or greater than 2.2 and here’s my data:


    If I used ‘lookup’ it’ll return a value of ‘2’ when I want it to return a value of ‘2.5’.



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