Crappy Songs

The other day, I heard a Styx song on the radio. Styx is what I would consider a hall of fame rock band. I don’t know if they’re in the hall of fame, but they’re certainly one of the greats. The song I heard, however, is one of the worsts songs ever. It got me thinking about great bands with really bad songs, so I started compiling a list

Styx – Mr. Roboto
The Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra
Jefferson Airplane (Starship) – We Built This City on Rock ‘n Roll

The Jefferson Airpane one is a bit of a stretch. They were hardly the same band in the ’80’s as they were in their prime. But it’s my list, so I can do whatever I want.

I’m sure there’s more – so help me out. I’m looking for bands that are universally recognized as “great” who have songs that are universally recognized as “sucky” or worse. For instance, I think Tears In Heaven is the worst Claption song ever, but I think there are a lot of people who like it, so I wouldn’t classify it as universally sucky.

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3 thoughts on “Crappy Songs

  1. I can’t think of any good ones, although I think Neil Young might be a candidate. Just wanted to let you know that “built this city” is now stuck in my head. Hope it goes away soon!


  2. “Mr. Roboto” as crappy?! No freakin’ way, man! Listen to that song with headphones on.

    “Hip to be Square” by Huey Luis & The News — uhg!
    “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves…no wait, that band just sucked, period :-)

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