The Mothership Is Calling Me Home

Today I’m leaving (on a jet plane) for the annual Global MVP Summit in Seattle. I’ll get to hang out with my fellow propeller-heads and may (MAY, mind you) have a frosty beverage in the process. To see the fine looking bunch from last year, click the link below.

Excel MVP Photo

Don’t fret, I won’t deny you your daily Excel fix. I have some posts queued up for your calculating pleasure. Don’t expect me to fix my screw ups in a timely fashion. But do be sure to leave a comment if you find a screw up.

And, as always, if there is a particular topic that you’d like to see discussed on this blog, send me an email. If I’m not smart enough to post about it, I’ll admit it. I’m not proud.

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2 thoughts on “The Mothership Is Calling Me Home

  1. Dick, you don’t look like a guy who would have a blog about Excel. ;)

    Oddly, your post wondering if I was making fun of you (I was, but hopefully laughing WITH you) has led to more hits for my little blog than any other mention. You must be very popular among the Excel crowd. So y’all don’t gang up on me, hear?


  2. Franny, did you see the MVP photo? They all look a little odd.

    Some kind of word association with “Mad” and “Scientist” kind of a thing?

    Dick, enjoy the brew. We’ll be waiting for more tips when you get back.

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