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About the Authors

This blog is administered by me, Dick Kusleika, and written by the authors. In December, 2004, I invited some respected Excel gurus to post on this blog. In a short time, they have had a tremendous impact on the blog.

About the Blog

When answering newsgroup questions, I tend to repeat the same answers over and over. As other newsgroup posters have done, I decided to start a website (www.dicks-clicks.com) to store answers to the most common Excel questions so that I could easily link to them instead of retyping them. Then I discovered blogs…

The benefit of a blog, to me, is:

  • It forces me to post every day (well, almost). In a short time, I have a lot of Excel information on my site. It just wasn’t happening with the static html pages.
  • A blog is a lot like a content management system. All my posts are in categories, sometimes multiple categories, whose links and pages are updated automatically when I publish. That takes a lot of the work out of maintaining a a static page, albeit at the price of disk space, bandwidth, and speed.
  • I like the idea of learning in small bits. That’s how I learned Excel, one little feature at a time. Readers of my blog can learn one or two new things every day and over time develop their Excel skills with seemingly little effort.
  • I think my readership has grown faster than with a static page. Once people discover the site, they’ll know they can return for new content daily.

There is one benefit to a blog format that I didn’t anticipate: comments. Allowing readers to post comments adds so much value to this site, that it just wouldn’t be the same without them. For instance, you can read a post about Conditional Formatting to see how I use it, then read the comments to get different points of view, different applications, and an occasional link to an online casino. Okay, not all the comments are good.

I try to write posts that appeal to all level of Excel users. Certainly any one post won’t appeal to everyone, but I endeavor to provide a good mix so that beginner and expert alike can get something useful every week. I also like to have fun once in a while (not Excel fun, but real fun).

Software Used

Blogging: WordPress It’s free and has an active development community
Host: ReviseMedia They have a special hosting plan for WordPress users
Code: VBHTML Maker It’s written in VBA so I can tweak it
Code II: iG:Syntax Hiliter I’m testing a new method for posting code. It’s a plug-in for WordPress, so I’m not abandoning VBHMTL Maker (which is more universal).
Screen Capture: SnagIt The best screen capture program I’ve ever used
FTP: FileZilla It’s free and seems to do everything I need.
Logo Design: Publisher You can’t see the logo? It’s coming soon
Excel: Excel 2000 Except for posts about specific versions of Excel
Spellcheck: SpellBound For the FireFox browser, my browser of choice


Everything on this site was written by one of the authors and the copyright is owned by that author. If you think something has been posted improperly or without due credit, simply let me know and it will be made right.

I test everything I post on my machine. I guarantee that if you were sitting on my lap when I posted, you would have seen it work flawlessly. Beyond that, use this information at your own risk.

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