Two new articles on MSDN

Hi all

Together with Frank Rice (MS) I create two articles on MSDN.

Working with Excel Workbooks and Worksheets in E-Mail (update)

Implementing Week-Numbering Systems and Date/Time Representations in Excel 2007

For the week number article I used information from two pages on my website that I create together with Norman Harker.

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Ron de Bruin

Build-in Excel 2007 controls

Hi all

Here is my version of the ExcelRibbonControls file for Excel 2007 from MS.
Maybe useful ?

Microsoft link
2007 Office System Document: Lists of Control IDs
After you install the files In a new folder (24 files) you can find a file called ExcelRibbonControls.

My link

Direct link

I think it is easier this way to find what you want.
This file will help you to find the names of the build-in controls and icons (imageMso)
in all groups in the Ribbon tabs, Office menu and QAT.
You can select a group in the dropdown and see the picture of the group next to it and the
data below show you only de controls in this group.

Ron de Bruin

Ribbon XML

Hi all

Maybe you like XMLCreator to create the XML for a custum tab on the ribbon for you.
You can find it on this page

There is no help in this first public version (but who read that )
You can select the imageMso in this workbook from a list for each button and see the icon.
(I use John Walkenbach’s technique to display the imageMso icon)

I think it is very easy this way but maybe I am wrong ?
Let me know what you think of it (good or bad).

Ron de Bruin

Windows Mail bug in Vista

Hi all

Warning: Windows Mail bug in Vista

For the newsgroup posters in this blog :

Bookmarks are not working in Windows Mail in Vista.
This url will be truncated at the #

You will go to the top of the page and not to the bookmark.
If you copy the url and paste it in IE 7 in Vista it is working

Remember this when you answer questions in newsgroups

Ron de Bruin