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Why am I just hearing of this? Keyboard Shortcuts for Applying Borders. I’ve always wondered why the Border tab of Format Cells didn’t have hotkeys. Now I know – it did. This will be a great time saver for me. It appears that it only applies to Excel 2002 and newer, but if you have an older version handy, check it out and post a comment.

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23 thoughts on “Cell Border Shortcuts

  1. Neat trick. These are actually easy to remember and will be far better than trying to click those darn tiny lines when there’s a deadline.

    What kind of beer was it?

  2. I only now realized that you can do diagonal borders in Excel. I think I’m going to use them all the time! :)

  3. I must be doing something wrong – I can’t get the ALT+ shortcuts to work (using 2003).

    Ctrl+Shift+7 works like a dream. Now what’s the shortcut for a dotted, red border on three sides and a thick, blue border along the bottom?

    If we’re talking shortcuts, one I learned recently is Ctrl+’ (the key to the left of the 1 along the top of the keyboard). It toggles between showing formulae and values.

  4. Haffy,

    You do have to have the Format Cells dialogue (shortcut Ctrl + 1), borders Tab active for the Alt keys to work. For the custom formats: I record a macro while formatting and assign the shortcut there.


  5. A couple they don’t mention in the article:

    ALT+O outlines the cells
    ALT+I give interior (vertical and horizontal)
    ALT+N removes all borders
    ALT+C brings up the color pallette

  6. Crtl+Shift+_ (That’s the dash/underscore key – right of zero) will remove all borders from the selected range.

  7. John W – forget the new Excel Bible – just right a book containing ALL the Excel keyboard shortcuts. Everyone would buy it!

  8. how to text left, Right and center from keyboard. and how to changecase text from keyboard. Plz send me answer uraggently i will be waitng for your answer ok take care and bye bye,

  9. ctrl+shit+& is shourtcut of outline border ok

    what can i do for then i selected more-than shall in worksheet and create a border of every shell?

  10. I believe that some of you are interested in creating a boarder around every cell within and surrounding a (large) box? For example: Range A1:D5 with a border around every cell. If that’s the case: ALT + H + B + A.

  11. It is just simple…all shortcuts in front of you. follow the steps
    1. Press ALT key.
    2. Now you are seeing all the shortcut letters on screen. ‘H” for home screen for instance.
    3. Here ‘B’ for boaders, ‘H’ for back color etc. Go with B
    4. Here again ‘A’ for all boarders.

  12. Resposes here doesnt help. Sohail’s comment agrees with me on this.

    I’m looking for a similar keystrokes like ctrl+shit+&(outline border) or ctrl+shit+_(remove border). I need ALL BORDER: Crtl+shift+(God knows what).

    If there really is none, might as well use alt,h,b,a or record a macro.

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