Funky Comments

If you’re keen to add some snaz to your Cell Comments then read on!

Cell Comments are just Shapes underneath and you can treat them that way!

Ensure you have the Drawing Toolbar visible. From Excel’s menu: View > Toolbars > tick Drawing.

Add a comment to a cell.
While editing the comment, you’ll notice there is a thick striped border around the shape. While you’re typing comment text, you’ve actually got the Textbox selected, not the Shape itself. So you need to select the Shape.

Click the border or simply hit the Tab key. Notice how the thick striped border changes to a dotted pattern.

Now that you’ve got the Shape selected, you can change many properties of the appearance.
eg. From the Drawing toolbar: Draw > Change Autoshape > Stars and Banners > 16 point Star.

Everything you need to alter the appearance of the comment is available from the Drawing toolbar – Shadows, 3D, Colour, etc…

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11 thoughts on “Funky Comments

  1. thanks,

    before this I knew only how to embed pictures in comments.

    thanks again,

  2. Can’t seem to get this to work in Excel XP. Is this feature unique to 2003 version? … though it is not entirely inconceivable that I’m just flubbing the directions.

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