Access data in a closed workbook containing a protected worksheet

In a LinkedIn group, someone wanted to access data in a shared server-based workbook that contained a protected sheet with locked cells that were not selectable. In addition to sharing an automated way of doing this, this post contains two other embedded tips. The solution, as many know, is to enter a formula in the […]

INDIRECT and closed workbooks

As Stephen I also like to thank Dick for opening his blog to others. So I’ll take the chance to cover some medium to advanced formula issues in my postings. Excel provides a very powerful function – INDIRECT. It just lacks the functionality to access closed workbooks. The following is a compilation of common alternative […]

External Links

Ron sez: What happens often is that one person will have one of these spreadsheets open and the other spreadsheets linked to the subject spreadsheet closed and decide to insert a column that throws off the references of the closed linked spreadsheets. If the person knew which spreadsheets were linked to it, the person could […]

Preventing Event Conflicts

I have two custom add-ins loaded that use application-level events. I only want those events to run when a workbook associated with my application is active. Otherwise, the events in my purchase order application will try and do stuff to my invoices and vice versa. Not good. For every application, the first thing I do […]